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Finch's Crossing may be a small town, but when it comes to romance, big things can happen!

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Katheran Allen launched her new romance series, "Finch’s Crossing," with her first book, “Autumn.” In this charming town in the  Laurel Highlands of southwestern Pennsylvania, the four Hamilton sisters search for deep, sustaining love. For each, Finch’s Crossing is a powerful force that always draws them home. Autumn, the artist, longs to be whole again. Spring and Summer contemplate the crossroads in their lives. And Winter is looking for nothing, and finds … everything. We invite you to stroll along the cobbled streets and slate sidewalks in the tranquil neighborhoods, then settle on a stool at the lunch counter for a bite to eat. Later you can shop in the stores on Pittsburgh Street, then enjoy refreshments at Miss Elsie’s Tea Room. We promise that everyone will make you feel right at home!

“I’ve always known I wanted to be a writer and in fact I wrote my first book, ‘Julie T. and Company’, when I was eleven,” says Katheran. “Of course, I had no idea how to get it published!  I still have it, thirty-five years later.”

Katheran grew up around the world, moving frequently. “It was hard starting over every time we moved,” she says. “We had to learn a new language and make new friends. The only two constants in my life were my family, and books.”

She has fond memories of her family gathering excitedly around large crates of American products that relatives sent while the family lived overseas. As their parents opened the crates, Katheran and her brother and sister held their breaths as they looked for the all-important Pop-Tarts, Fruit Loops, and other treats. And always, always, there were books.

“I grew up before,” laughs Katheran. “So we waited a long time for those books. When they arrived, I remember feeling a song in my heart. My Aunt Katheran, who gave me my name, sent beautifully illustrated classics such as Little WomenRobinson Crusoe, and Little Lord Fauntleroy. She was a very literary woman who earned a master’s degree in communications, like me, but in the 1950s. She was a pioneer and an inspiration.”

When the family lived in Germany and the children attended school on a U.S. military base for three years, the annual Scholastic Book Fair opened a whole new world of books.

“It was like a feast, a smorgasbord,” Katheran remembers. “And there was almost no limit to what we could order. My mother especially was a great reader and she passed that on to me and my sister, who devours about four books a week. Our parents never denied us books!”

During the summers, beginning when they were eleven and twelve years old, Katheran and her sister traveled alone to the States from whatever country they were living in and spent a month of the summer with both their grandmothers in the small town of Scottdale, Pennsylvania, the inspiration for the Finch’s Crossing series.

"Scottdale is a cherished place that I carry with me everywhere I go,” says Katheran. “For a person who grew up in six countries, Scottdale is the closest thing I have to a hometown. I have long, long wanted to write about this special place, but I was waiting for the right project to present itself, and the Finch’s Crossing romance series is it!”

Like Autumn Hamilton (the main character in the series’ first book), Katheran has many happy memories of time spent in her beloved small town.

“We watched The Lawrence Welk show with our Grandma Ruby and made the rounds to her friends' houses where mixed nuts and soft, pastel-colored mints were always served. Ruby drove us around in her black 1965 Plymouth Valiant with red leather interior. It was a classic and she continued to drive it into her mid-eighties. We played penny-ante poker with our Grandmother Martha, using baskets of change she had saved throughout the year. Nearly bed-ridden with arthritis, she taught us about nature as we studied the outdoors in books and from her bedroom windows. I remember milkshakes at the local drugstore and walking through the wondrous five and dime buying trinkets with my pocket money. And of course, we read for hours in the tiny library.”

Today, Katheran lives and writes in Minnesota.

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