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Finch's Crossing may be a small town, but when it comes to romance, big things can happen!


Ten Things I Love About Fall

I have always been someone who likes to see the seasons turn: You could probably could have guessed that since I named the main characters after each season in my Finch's Crossing sweet romance series! Though I love all seasons, fall is by far my favorite. It's a time for reflection as t... Continue Reading

Guest Blog Post on

I'm so pleased that my guest blog post, "Love vs. Romance," is up on I'm the guest blogger for July 18 and 19. It's a privilge to be among such good company and I thank Marlene Miller for what she does to make the website such a wonderfu... Continue Reading

Review of “Nikki Magee” by Peter Wendt

From time to time I'll be posting reviews of books I've read by indie authors. Not all books will be romances, but they all will be worth reading. Here is the first review, "Nikki Magee" by Peter Wendt. It's available on amazon as a kindle book for just $1.99. You know that... Continue Reading


I've joined a special kind of book club that I highly recommend to my fellow authors, friends, and readers. RaveReviewsByNonnieJules is a supportive place for Indie writers across the genres, and a great place to find new books to read. Today the club is featuring author Stephen Getz (on twitt... Continue Reading

Emotion, Books, and Reading

  I’m an emotional reader, picking up a book based on what I’m feeling at that exact moment. I typically read as many as seven books at a time, both fiction and non-fiction. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this habit and that there’s a lot of concurrent readin... Continue Reading

Meet My Fifteen Dollar Treadmill Writing Desk

I am writing this blog entry at my new treadmill desk, walking two miles per hour. My very handy hubby rigged up this power writing work station for me in under an hour, which includes the trip to the hardware store to buy the wood and claspy thingamajigs required to fasten the board to my existin... Continue Reading

Is a Change Really Like a Vacation?

My grandmother Ruby, who lived in Scottdale, Pennsylvania, the inspiration for my new romance series Finch’s Crossing, used to say, “A change is as good as a vacation.” Now, I don’t know about that, but pretty much everyone knows that change is healthy and can be exciting a... Continue Reading

Houseplants: A Love Story

It’s been eighteen months since I moved myself, my husband, and our two dogs from Virginia to West Virginia. My seventeen houseplants made the move with us, of course, and as treasured possessions rode in the car beside me.  All these months later (and after considerable coaxing and rea... Continue Reading

Five Habits of Happy People

Who isn’t looking for self-improvement and self-development? I love this list below, from author Paul Lenda , about five things happy people do before they get out of bed in the morning. What a wonderful way to start your day. Here’s the list. You can read more about the concepts here:... Continue Reading

Advice from Finch’s Crossing

As I develop my characters I tend to do a lot of “what if” thinking, wondering how each might react in certain situations. Kind of like, “What Would Autumn Do?” or “What would Meg do?” Then I got to wondering, what type of advice or pearls of wisdom would my cha... Continue Reading

Autumn’s Art

I love the main character of the first book in my Finch’s Crossing new romance series. Artist Autumn Hamilton is strong, funny, loving and genuine, plus she’s an awesome artist. I’m a new romance author and I’m having fun taking what I know and weaving it into the  rom... Continue Reading

Welcome to Finch’s Crossing

I’m about to launch my new romance series, “Finch’s Crossing,” a sweet romance featuring the four Hamilton sisters who are named after the seasons. When readers discover a new cozy romance, meet the characters and immerse themselves into the story they often wonder if the s... Continue Reading

News from Finch's Crossing

Ten Things I Love About Fall

I have always been someone who likes to see the seasons turn: You could probably could have guessed that since I named the main characters after each season in my Finch's Crossing sweet romance... Continue Reading

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