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Advice from Finch’s Crossing

  • Published: 02/13/2015

As I develop my characters I tend to do a lot of “what if” thinking, wondering how each might react in certain situations. Kind of like, “What Would Autumn Do?” or “What would Meg do?” Then I got to wondering, what type of advice or pearls of wisdom would my characters impart, based on their personalities, if you ran into them on the street or sat with them over a cup of tea? (Like Martha does for Autumn!) Practical, gentle Autumn would give far different advice than grumpy, but likeable Meg. And in her seventies, Martha’s advice would be a mix of experience and hindsight. So I’ve written five pieces of random advice each of these characters might give someone. It’s a way of getting to know my characters…for you and for me. Here goes:


“Your home is a sanctuary and everywhere you look, you should see something beautiful.”

“Try to do something creative every day. Making something makes a better you.”

“Engineer your environment for success.”

“You don’t live in a vacuum so don’t let yourself suffer in one.”

“Denim is the new black.”

“People will hurt you but the trick is learning not to let them.”

“Sometimes in loneliness you find yourself.”

 “Say what you mean. It’s better to put your real feelings out there. And remember, you can always change your mind.”

“Sometimes you don’t know best.”


“Forgive everyone, especially yourself.”

“Don’t force things. If something is not coming together there’s a reason.”

“There’s always a better way to do something, but you must be open to finding it.”

“The ache of grief never goes away but it does subside. You
must be strong enough so you will emerge whole again.”

“You’re never too old for love.”

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