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Autumn’s Art

  • Published: 02/13/2015

I love the main character of the first book in my Finch’s Crossing new romance series. Artist Autumn Hamilton is strong, funny, loving and genuine, plus she’s an awesome artist. I’m a new romance author and I’m having fun taking what I know and weaving it into the  romance genre in a setting that inspires me. Autumn’s art is beautiful, and I think I’d hang some of her pieces in my home! But one of my absolute favorite contemporary artists is Deb Mell. I have a small “gallery” of her pieces in my home office. They are a reminder to me that while people look at the world differently, we all have the opportunity to see something that we find beautiful and that touches us as human beings. Check out Deb’s homepage and prepare to be dazzled. As far as Autumn is concerned, it might have been a bit extreme for me to plunge her career as an artist into a creative wasteland, but I love how her experiences and a growing romance informs her work and gives her the courage and confidence to take creative chances. Inspiration is all around us…ours to discover.

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