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A Finch’s Crossing Christmas Sampler: Tips, Ideas and Recipes to Create a Beautiful Holiday

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Your favorite characters in Finch's Crossing are gearing up for the winter holidays. Miss Elsie is baking up a storm, Autumn is going overboard with her decorating, and Meg is telling everyone she knows how to keep their pets safe around all those holiday plants and decorations. And Kyle, of course, is using his social media savvy to find Christmas sales and deals. Spend a little time with all of them in this complimentary Finch's Crossing Sampler--my gift to you. In it you'll find a collection of tips, tricks, ideas, and recipes, plus some holiday planning templates. As you prepare for this wonderful holiday season, I wish you and yours health, happiness, and much joy!

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When two handsome strangers come to the charming community of Finch’s Crossing they succeed in changing the town dynamics—one for the better, the other for the worse. And neither Autumn Hamilton nor Meg Overly want anything to do with them. An artist, Autumn is struggling with an intense creative block that threatens her beloved way of life. And Meg is nursing a fierce loneliness that she hides from everyone, including herself. The two friends must work through their own problems before romance even stands a chance. And to further complicate matters, the men have the kind of baggage that just might be a little too heavy for the women to carry.

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Spring 2017

At thirty-five, Spring Hamilton has reached a crossroads in her modeling career. No longer young, but still beautiful, she has severed ties with her controlling and unimaginative manager, and for the first time must figure out her future, alone. The only thing she knows for certain is that if she doesn’t figure out how to transition her career she will end up as a grandmotherly model in mail-order catalogs. As she relocates from Los Angeles to New York she detours to Finch’s Crossing for a quick visit with her sister. But a chance encounter with Mitchie Woolf, her high school sweetheart, rekindles their love, launching Spring into unbelievable circumstances she never could have predicted. She never thought of herself as the kind of person who would fall in love with another woman’s husband. But when life throws you curves, you…

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Winter “Win” Hamilton’s high school nickname, “The Ice Queen,” has followed her all her life and she is, in fact, just that—cold, selfish, and emotionally detached. But her steely demeanor helped her achieve a full partnership, at age thirty-seven, in a prestigious international architectural firm. True, she doesn’t have many friends, but she lives in a beautiful penthouse, has a fat 401K, drives a brand new Porsche Cayenne SUV, and dresses flawlessly in designer clothes. When she breaks her leg in a skiing accident she reluctantly returns to her childhood home to recover. As the broken bones heal, with the help of the handsome local doctor Armistead “Trip” Harrison, she rediscovers the traditional values she grew up with, and wonders how on earth her life got so out of balance. As her strength returns and she embarks on a self-improvement campaign, Win realizes that the unflappable and aloof doctor is the one man in town who isn’t rendered tongue-tied in her presence. Accustomed to getting her way, she bristles at his lack of interest in her. Realizing she’s met the male version of herself, she knows she has her work cut out for her.

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Free-spirited, thirty-year-old Summer Hamilton has worked as a chauffer, waitress, obituary writer, and house painter. But when she is fired from her job as a nanny because she rebuked her employer’s advances, she points her pink VW bug east and travels from Seattle to Finch’s Crossing. After a ten-year vagabond life, she yearns to decide what she wants to do when she grows up. Upon arriving at Finch’s Crossing, she meets carefree Trevor Banks, whose job building adventure parks takes him away for weeks at a time. She is torn between the kind of life she has just abandoned and the one she yearns to make for herself. Having just tamed her wanderlust, Summer must decide whether or not to hit the road again with Trevor in order to be with the man she loves. But as their relationship blooms, a nagging voice in her head keeps asking, “Just exactly how ‘carefree’ is Trevor?”

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