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Finch's Crossing may be a small town, but when it comes to romance, big things can happen!

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Free-spirited, thirty-year-old Summer Hamilton has worked as a chauffer, waitress, obituary writer, and house painter. But when she is fired from her job as a nanny because she rebuked her employer’s advances, she points her pink VW bug east and travels from Seattle to Finch’s Crossing. After a ten-year vagabond life, she yearns to decide what she wants to do when she grows up. Upon arriving at Finch’s Crossing, she meets carefree Trevor Banks, whose job building adventure parks takes him away for weeks at a time. She is torn between the kind of life she has just abandoned and the one she yearns to make for herself. Having just tamed her wanderlust, Summer must decide whether or not to hit the road again with Trevor in order to be with the man she loves. But as their relationship blooms, a nagging voice in her head keeps asking, “Just exactly how ‘carefree’ is Trevor?”


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I have always been someone who likes to see the seasons turn: You could probably could have guessed that since I named the main characters after each season in my Finch's Crossing sweet romance... Continue Reading

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